Who is That Robot?

After the massive hit Metroid Dread, MercurySteam presents a remaster of its first game classic, Scrapland!

Before Metroid Dread. Before Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Saga. Before even Clive Barker’s Jericho. The year 2004 MercurySteam debuted with an everlasting gem: American McGee Presents: Scrapland.

Back in the day, the press said:
Game Industry News (100) A visual feast and a stunning masterpiece.
Gamezilla (92) What’s great about Scrapland is this robot society. The graphics take most advantage of this with unique imagery and high levels of detail.
Trusted Reviews (90) Quite possibly the best game of its type since Grand Theft Auto 3 emerged in 2002.
Game Chronicles (88) Part Grand Theft Auto and part Beyond Good and Evil, Scrapland blends a vast array of genres into a single, cohesive package that should thrill gamers of all ages and genre preferences
IGN (82) It rivals World of Warcraft for sheer personality

Scrapland is a third-person action-adventure set in Chimera, a mesmerizing open-world inhabited by robots where humans are NOT welcome! Play as D-Tritus, a newcomer in the city with one goal: solve the hideous crimes of a serial killer that seems to be… A human!

Scrapland gives you the chance to impersonate dozens of robots with personal traits and skills absolutely looney. You will steal combat spaceships, tweak & custom them, and then fight for your life in wild races that even support multiplayer.

Unveil the serial killer in the exhilarated and lengthy single-player campaign of Scrapland. Or maybe you will be happier daring your friends to race and combat with spaceships. It’s all-in in this remastered experience of this classic: 4K resolution, high-res textures by AI upscaling; enhanced illumination and lightmaps; new servers to power the multiplayer experience with your friends; gamepad support, and many, many more goodies!

If you lost your chance seventeen years ago, or you weren’t even born yet, now’s your time! Scrapland Remastered is now available on Steam and GOG.