"Blink" and "Emnu Nadi"

New Weapon and Skin for Iune

Iune imbued her new weapon with the power she gained when she became a Emnu Nadi. With the carbine in her hands, Iune could navigate the Aleph currents for a few seconds. Although the process to bend the ebb and flow of the Aleph energy to her will is quite complex, for her enemies there was only one explanation: the Anhauarii had the gift of teleportation.

The Emnu Nadi, the demons who lurk in the Aleph currents. Despite their terrible visage, they are said to help those who navigate the currents to find their way home. The origins and nature of these creatures have sparkled all kinds of stories around their myth. Some venerate them as godlings, while others deny they exist at all. There are even some theories that insinuate they are not truly demons, but the atavistic form of those Anhauarii who have achieved total communion with the Aleph. 

Iune's new weapon and skin are now available in Spacelords.