Draw me like one of your French Raiders!

C'est magnifique! Splendind! Marvelous! 

(More adjectives in French)

As always, we are gifted to have on the most talented communities ever!! 😊💙

Wath this amazing version of Loaht created by @thatbohabmaggot !!

And it wasn't cool enough, she also made a series of super cool sketches! 

(This Alicia looks like Karen so much)

On the other hand, we have Kirill, who is working on an amazing board game! 

This is the world premiere of how cool the characters are gonna look like! Loving this :)

And last but not least, the amazing and detailed drawing Sevinss_sfw made to celebrate the release of Valeria's Big Boy!!

She's definitely having bad intentions here! 

Thank you so much for your artwork guys!