Dev's Top Picks #01

This week we start a new section with our Dev's Top Pick Builds. Play like a Dev and see if you can do it better.

In this first installment, Laura Palomo shares with us why Alicia is her all-time favorite and how she plays with her.

Alicia goes fast, it's her thing, so a good talent to reinforce that is Acrobatics (rare). Laura also prefers to play on the safe side, so Epimorphosis (rare) is the other talent of choice because of its healing effect. 

As for the weapon: The Smoking Daisy is perfect for a fast mover. When you are moving as fast as Alicia does, this shotgun provides a lot of area damage so you don't have to point to get good results. Also, you can drop the ammunition and watch the world burns after they explode (perfect to leave messy crowds behind).