Dev's Top Picks #03

A new installment including our Dev’s favorite builds!

Technical Game Designer Hernan Ojuel loves to hover over the enemies and shoot them from above, like a rain of bullets and death.

His weapon of choice is USU-21 because the projectiles go faster when he is going forward, and when shooting, he is always moving forward with Hans' jetpack.

He likes the Survival (rare) talent and the Hypergolic Propellant (Rare) talents. His usual modus operandi is:

1). Come out of hiding, hovering the enemies with Hans' jetpac

2). Fire from above while moving forward, using Hypergolic Propellant (Rare) to increase his damage, by increasing the speed of the projectiles.

3). If there remain living enemies, grapple them and kill them, increasing his life bar thanks to the Survival (rare) talent.

This technique makes him a very fast, killing machine.

He also likes Heaven's Bane Soldier Skin because of the whole story behind it: the Unified New Asian Empire.