Hades Betrayal Patch Notes

With the coming of the Hades Betrayal campaign on April 4, Raiders of the Broken Planet is going through massive changes with a big impact on second-to-second gameplay. But we also keep working on balancing and adjusting the characters and missions that came before.

Most prominently, Hans has been a top antagonist pick for too long, we’re making very aggressive changes to make sure clever management of the Jetpack differentiates good players from better ones. This should create clearer vulnerabilities that well-organized Raiders have a better chance to exploit.



“The Raiders could cause the pilot to go for more Aleph during the first phase to have a full pool of lives in the second. That’s a fine but slow strategy, however, it was not dangerous enough. The tradeoff should be real now.”

- Increased duration of “Survival” situations on first phase.

- Increased bonus enemy spawn on Survival situations on first phase.

- Less enemies spawn ambushing the far-left side tank.

A Fistful of Sand

“We detected a spike of defeats during the Protector’s walk to the lift, on first phase. Besides of that, the average time needed to complete the level was a bit long”

- Decreased the number of enemies spawned when you find the Protector (-2).

- Decreased duration of Protector’s spell casting (-20%).

The Enemy Within

“We know the Uras is cool and we love him, but his phase had too much weight on mission difficulty when not playing against an antagonist.”

- Increased enemy spawn rate during the first phase when not playing against an Antagonist (+10%).

- Decreased enemy spawn rate during the second phase when not playing against an Antagonist (-10%).

No Reservations

“This level was too hard for low-mid skilled players and too easy for high skilled players.”

- Reduced waiting time at the bridges (-15 secs).

- Increased duration of the final phase (+10%).

- Decreased the speed of losing energy at low difficulties. (-10%).

A Weapon from the Past

“The average time needed to complete this level was a bit short.”

- Decreased Lyras' Sphere bar’s speed (+15%).

- Fixed a bug where the Drone gained too much speed.

The Beast’s Lair

“Marmalade should be at least as cool as the Uras!”

- Decreased enemy spawn rate during the second phase when not playing against an Antagonist (-10%).

- Decreased waiting time on the bridge (-20%)

- Increased Marmalade’s life when not playing against an antagonist (+7%)

- Increased Marmalade’s life when playing against an antagonist (+15%)


Fifth council

“Shooter damage resistance is too big of a factor at high difficulties. Too much power on a faction-wide non-interactive stat shuts down too many opportunities for balancing overall.”

- Slightly decreased resistance to shooter damage (-5%)


“Harec’s damage has never been a tuning knob that we’ve been able to use much. One-shots don’t leave much room for damage improvements. They finally make sense now with the upcoming progression changes.”

- Increased Ferox Impetus' damage (+15%)

- Slightly Increased Vindicta Anima’s damage (+5%)

- Slightly Increased Ignis Fugit’s damage (+5%)

- Reduced Stalk cooldown (-10%)


“Tsiklon was too powerful at launch.”

- Decreased O.Tsiklon UV9's damage (-5%)


“VINC Eager has been underperforming for far too long. It’s a pretty skill-intensive weapon for Alicia’s standards and definitely deserves the attention from those enjoy who wall-jumping aggressively.”

- Increased VINC "Eager" 23-1's damage (+10%)


“Pepper Pot was too powerful at launch as well.”

- Increased Spinning Coin's damage (+5%)

- Decreased Pepper Pot's damage (-10%)


“As mentioned above, we believe the Jetpack is the best place to nerf Hans at this point. Skilled Hans players can, with good energy management, offset this drawback.”

- Ansgar "Warm" MM1 now takes an extra time before starting to deal damage (+0.2 secs)

- Heavily increased Jetpack reload time (+8 secs)

- Jetpack fuel lasts slightly longer (+7%)

Dr. Kuzmann

“Kuzmann’s Lichtbogen was performing outstandingly at high skill levels.”

- Decreased Lichtbogen ZXX’s indirect damage (-15%)


“VK9-9 was not powerful enough for the precision it demanded.”

- Increased VK9-9’s damage (+10%)


“Timing and positioning are the key to a good Loaht beast form rampage. However, we want to see it happen more often, giving players more chances to show their decision-making skills.”

- Rage bar now increases faster with received damage (+15%)

- Increased Popcorns' damage (+10%)


“Iune is very dependent on the behavior of the rest of the team. There’s still a lot of way to go as far as Iune balancing goes, but for now, we’ll make her slightly more independent. Iune players need more repercussion on their own performance before we can properly asses her.”

- Increased her converted grunt’s resistance to shooter damage (+10%)


“Doldren’s performance in PvP is quite one-sided. Either he’s killing enemies with ease of being countered and hunted down with no means to escape. Skilled players have adapted quickly to it, but some mid-tier players still lack knowledge of Doldren’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ve worked on audio feedback to make that process easier. Also, Doldren was lacking power in PvE and the damage boost should help in that direction.”

- New and reworked audio feedback on Doldren’s crawler ability.

- Increased JK-5’s damage (+10%)

- Increased Bloody Mary’s damage (+5%)