"Harvester Unit" & "Shakura"

New skin and weapon for Valeria.

The “Harvester” combat armour was inspired by the gigantic bees that inhabit the Yaskâ rainforest. Valeria found endearing the fact that the bellicose insects ripped the heads off their prey before feeding on their spine marrow. The “Harvester” armour is equipped with state of the art scanners for precise enemy detection, as well as all kinds of blades, claws and other sharp, neck-severing objects. Valeria always says that Harvesting Days are all the more fun since she built this battlesuit.

The “Shakura” is a genetically and cybernetically modified blossom also known as the Fifth Council Flower. It is Valeria’s favourite flower, who promptly implemented the flower’s rotation technology into a new weapon, allowing her to control and change the trajectory of the quantum projectiles at her will.