Ingrid for Dr. Kuzmann

Along with this new weapon, Dr. Kuzmann's Walker From The Deep skin is 50% off until March 11!

Ingrid is a Kelurian, an eel sub-species native to the Broken Planet. This dangerous aquatic creature can generate electromagnetic pulses to keep predators at bay. After the sinking of the SSV-N4vt1lvs submarine, Pavel Kuzmann was forced to walk through the depths of the Black Salt Sea, and Ingrid came to his aid when the Doctor was attacked by a Nilben -a creature that pre-digests its prey with acidic secretions. In gratitude, Dr. Kuzmann adopted the friendly eel and secured her into a prototype tesla weapon. Ingrid has been Kuzmann’s best friend ever since.

This tesla gun uses Ingrid as its power source, and it’s so powerful it can push enemies away with its blasts. Moreover, Ingrid seems to be really fond of her new home and her (more or less) human friend!

Skin – Walker From The Deep is 50% off until March 11!

The Fifth Council Behemot SSV-N4vt1lvs submarine, commanded by Dr. Kuzmann, was torpedoed and sunk in the Black Salt Sea during a naval battle against the Hades Division. Trapped inside the derelict hulk, Kuzmann survived by attaching his cranial capsule to a drowned Division corpse. The high pressure cracked the capsule though, contaminating the cryogenic gas inside and degenerating his tissue. On his long journey to the surface, Kuzmann dragged a multitude o aquatic organism with him from the depths, being his only companions during the perilous journey.