Join Stefanie Joosten in a Special Spacelords Streaming Reveal

Tune in to our Twitch channel on Friday 12 at 5 PM GMT+2!

We are happy to announce today a special stream reveal with actress and model Stefanie Joosten, for an exciting first look to the character Sööma.

Sööma is the newest character to join the ranks of Spacelords, and Joosten has lent her voice and acting talents to bring this holy warrior to life. Tune in to Spacelords’ official Twitch channel on July 12, 17:00 GMT+2 and join in the conversation with Stefanie and the MercurySteam developers to find out more details about this eagerly awaited character, including Sööma’s release date.

Spacelords’ official Twitch channel:

When: Friday, July 12. 17:00 GMT+2


See you on the Broken Planet!