New F-5 "Barrier" & Space Mechanic Skin for Mikah

A look into the past of the sneakiest Raider.

Before accidentally arriving to the Broken Planet after sneaking into the Hades Division “Espanto” troop carrier ship, Mikah earned a living as a mechanic in the SELENE MECHANICS workshop, based on Earth’s Moon. 

The workshop specialized in acquiring hard to find components for its clientele, usually without permission from their previous owners. Space yachts, combat spaceships, mercenary bases… none of them were off-limits for Mikah. 

This was an easy contract, really: components for the workshop and money for her. But Mikah couldn’t resist when she found an old combat suit with an “Echo” holographic prototype in the Hades Division warehouse. It would be worth a little fortune for the workshop, but Mikah thought it would look better on her than on a spaceship.

Mikah’s F-5 "Barrier” assault rifle is built with parts obtained in the SELENE MECHANICS Workshop, where Mikah worked before leaving the Sol System. Using her expertise, she managed to miniaturize and connect a malfunctioning spaceship force field generator to the weapon. The generator was too weak to be used on a vehicle, but it was more than enough for personal protection. 

To activate the force field at will, Mikah installed a little switch inside the magazine well. This way, when she ejects a not yet fully empty magazine, the remaining bullets would hit the switch on their way out, activating the shield.

You can obtain the F-5 "Barrier” Blueprint in the Double Agent Mission.