New Prisoner of the Pit of Repudiation Skin and “Patient Boy” gun for Doldren

A new look and a new toy for this bloodthirsty killer.

Patient Boy Gun

Doldren was always fond of flare guns. After all, every time one of his enemies used one to summon reinforcements, new victims never failed to arrive. For that reason, Doldren kept the flare gun from one of his last Umbra Wardogs kills -that had been a particularly exciting murder, breaking the neck of the unwholesome brute with his bare hands.

But Doldren soon discovered that using the gun himself spoiled all the fun, as he loved to see the desperation growing in his enemies’ eyes as they frantically called for help. But he didn’t discard the gun entirely, but attached its barrel to his revolver and loaded it with mines instead of flares.

Prisoner of the Pit of Repudiation:

There is a place on the Broken Planet that is only spoken about in hushed, fearful tones. A place built with sorrow and shame, as much as with iron and concrete. This place is home to the lost and the vile, those extremes cases who cannot ever be redeemed. This prison is called the Pit of Repudiation, and those who enter its gates are never to return…

But the Human invasion changed even that immutable truth. As their last act of desperation and spite, the gaolers unleashed the most dangerous prisoner ever to enter the Pit against their Terran killers. Doldren, still carrying the sacred Dagan stones bolted into his flesh, was free to satiate his insatiable bloodlust once again.