Unit CH-041 & Ogon Tsiklon UV9

Unit CH-041 Skin and Ogon Tsiklon UV9 Blueprint for Konstantin.

“Unit CH-041” was Konstantin’s Fifth Council designation prior to his defection. Unit CH-041 was tasked with finding suitable subjects among the Broken Planet’s inhabitants for Dr. Kuzmann’s grisly genetic experimentation. After his refusal to eliminate a native family, the Fifth Council sent its best hunter, Ginebra, after him. The CH-041 unit did not survive this encounter, but Konstantin the human did. 

Unit CH-041 was armed with the Ogon Tsiklon UV9 rotating barrel machine gun, the model used by the Fifth Council to equip its heavy armor units. Unlike other similar weapons the Tsiklon has just one barrel connected to the rotor, which enables the shot to start as soon as it starts turning, increasing the rate as the spin speed increases. On the other hand, and given the fact that all bullets are shot from the same barrel, the weapon is highly susceptible to overheating.