New Weapon for Shae

The Emnu Dagan Skin is 50% off!

Shae’s new weapon, the Phax UTT-17 (Modified), is now available to unlock for all Raiders of the Broken Planet players. Shae’s weapon of choice when adopting the aspect of the Emnu Dagan was a modification of the Phax UTT-17. The Phax UTT-17 uses a shutter system to zeroing the objective. Shae connected the shutter to a pressure sensor, using the accumulated pressure, the shutter increases the weapon’s aiming speed. Shae also replaced the purge system for a progressive one, preventing the weapon from being completely depressurized when operated. All those changes and modifications obeyed a single purpose: to kill as many humans as possible.

To celebrate the launch of this new weapon for Shae, its accompanying skin, the Emnu Dagan, is 50% off until Sunday 4th of March!

Blind with grief and seeking revenge for her master’s murder, Shae started to raid human settlements, modifying her outfit to adopt the form of the Emnu Dagan. The Emnu Dagan is a demon from the local folklore, said to feed on his victims’ souls and crying tears of their blood after consuming them. Shae’s objective was not to exterminate the Terrans, but to instil fear and break their spirits. To that end she attacked by night and always made sure to leave one survivor. After a while, legends of a daemonic manhunter started to sow panic among the invading factions.