On the Daunting and Intimidating Ban System

There are some concerns in our community about the ban system, today we would like to explain a bit more about how it works.

We have a pretty solid Ban System, backed by player data. And mostly, handled on a case-by-case basis. Let's demystify the Ban System today, starting with the types of ban:

1). The 5 minute Ban: it is the only 100% automatic ban and it occurs when a player quits a game. As the system does not recognize the cause of the disconnection, sporadic quits are not taken into consideration. This is more of a preventive ban.

On an important note: if your internet connection fails, but you manage to return to the match before it's done, you won't get penalized.

2). First Warning: 2-hour bans. Repeated bad or toxic behaviors are punished with this “first strike”.

3). Second Warning: 24-hour bans. It only happens after disproportionate infractions or several "first warnings"

4). Permanent Ban: this kind of ban is irrevocable. It’s an extreme measure applied to those isolated cases where the players have a continuous, destructive and toxic behavior every time they play, no matter the warnings they’ve received.

5) Permanent Ban (Cheats): We have a 0-tolerance policy on cheating. Any cheat detection entails a permanent, irrevocable ban for the player.

Why would a player get banned?

First of all, we want to clarify that we punish improper behaviors, not the causes which led to them.

1). Quitters: anyone can have a bad day, we understand life happens. But too much is too much.

2). Bad behavior: suicides, AFKs and any other behavior that affects negatively other player's experience.

3). Sabotaging: any use of the systems of the game with bad intentions or in poor faith, such as the abuse of surrenders.

Our databases compile all the player's information and what is going on in each match. We send warnings to players for recurrent bad behavior, not for one-time infractions.

We appreciate every report of misbehavior and we take them very seriously. We'd also like to remember that it is best if the infraction reported is accompanied by a video.

Also, while we are indeed a Spanish Studio, but we don't want to turn our forums and other spaces into the Spanish Inquisition. Please, keep your reports via the very private and appropriate channels like the support mail address spacelords_teamsupport@mercurysteam.com or the in-game troubleshooting window. 

Fortunately, all these kinds of bad behaviors are not constant in Spacelords. We are happy to have a pledged community like you are :-)