Patch 06 Notes – Wardog Fury Update

Wardog Fury, Raiders of the Broken Planet’s second campaign, launches on November 30, introducing new missions, characters and weapons to the game.

These new elements, and the information gathered during the two months since Raiders of the Broken Planet launched, influenced further changes in the game. In this Patch 06 notes we’ll take you through the most ambitious update for Raiders of the Broken Planet to date. 


Overall, we are happy with the way the different missions play, requiring different strategies and characters for the best results. We have introduced several tweaks to difficulty settings in some of them to adjust win-rates, slightly reducing the bonus enemy spawn rate during the survival phases, for example.

When using invitations, it’s easier now to understand if the level is playable or not thanks to a new tooltip that displays the availability for every user. Mission-specific changes are: 

Hanging by a Thread

• Increased Lycus' crane health in Solo mode.

• Reduced the enemies spawn rate during the mission’s first and second phases when playing against an Antagonist.

• Reduced the Wardog gunships' health points.

In Shock:

• Increased Shae's resistance to electrocution in Solo mode.

• Increased the enemies’ spawn rate during the first phase.

• Increased Dr. Kuzmann's weapon damage.

• Increased Dr. Kuzmann's Tesla ground attack damage.

A Breath of Hope

• Increased the Guardian’s regeneration in Solo mode.

• Slightly increased the enemies’ spawn rate during all phases.

A Fistful of Sand:

• Slightly increased the enemies’ spawn rate during the first whase when not playing against an Antagonist.

The Enemy Within:

• Decreased the enemies’ spawn rate during the final phase when not playing against an Antagonist.


This patch marks our first pass at character and weapon balancing. Some characters were outperforming others clearly. Specifically, Konstantin, Hans and Ginebra. We've focused on balancing their weapons, while keeping their respective powers intact to preserve their uniqueness.  

Overall changes

• Increased the damage caused by player’s weapons to wounded players, playing as a Raider or as the Antagonist.

• Slightly decreased resistance to shooter-type damage for main characters of the Fifth Council.

• Slightly increased regeneration speed for main characters of the Umbra Wardogs.


• Increased Ignis Fugit's damage.

• Increased Stalk's flying speed.

• Increased Stalk's duration.

• Decreased Stalk's target acquisition time.


• Decreased the distance at which Shae becomes visible to bewitched enemies.

• Slightly increased Focus Kaa7's damage.

• Increased Phax UTT-17's target acquisition speed.


• Slightly decreased Ogon Smerch S6's damage.

• Slightly decreased Hornet HH3's damage.

• Slightly decreased Ogon Shtorm BV's damage.

• Slightly increased Ogon Shtorm BV's damage falloff by distance.

• Increased the cooldown time for Degravitate.


• Increased fuel refilling time for the Jetpack.

• Decreased MPFA Rimbaud's projectile speed.

• Decreased MPFA Rimbaud's damage.

• Slightly decreased Ansgar "Warm" MM1's damage.

• Decreased Ansgar "Warm" MM1's ammo capacity.

• Slightly increased USU-21's damage.


• Slightly decreased Dolores' damage.

• Slightly increased Spinning Coin's damage.


• Decreased K&K N90's damage.

• Greatly increased the speed at which the Decoy recovers health.

• Increased MM-5B's ammo capacity.

• Slightly decreased MM-5B's damage.

• Increased Granny's damage.


• Decreased Smoking Daisy's blast radius in both main and secondary modes.

• Increased Smoking Daisy's damage.

Dr. Kuzmann

• Decreased Licht Speer AA-1's damage.

• Increased Light Horizons's damage.


• Slightly slowed down the transformation from Cougar form into Ginebra.

• Increased Sturzenegger Bogen C-A00's time between shots.

• Moved some of Sturzenegger Bogen C-A00's damage from direct hits to wall hits.

• Decreased Sturzenegger Bogen C-A00's push distance at low tension.

• Slightly decreased SU-Schleuder C33’s damage.

• Increased SU-Schleuder C33's time between shots.

• Slightly increased Javelin Ursa M-02's damage.


Rare Cards have been buffed across the board, and while some Cards have received a slight nerf, almost no rare Card has gone down in power. Overall Card power in the game has been increased.


• Fixed a problem where some rare Cards had a super-boost that was better than their non-rare counterparts.

• Made all rare Cards more powerful.

• Cards that switch off your stress meter now don't stop stress from increasing by receiving damage.

Local’s Cards

• Increased Lone Hunter's reload speed boost.

• Decreased Skill's reload speed boost.

• Decreased Cautious' damage boost.

Fifth Council Cards

• Increased Positive Feedback's damage boost.

• Increased Optimum Performance's damage boost.

• Decreased Closed System's healing.

Hades Division Cards

• Decreased Stealth's aleph attenuation.

• Decreased Vitality's health boost.

Umbra Wardogs Cards

• Decreased Improved Healing's regeneration boost.

• Increased Tribal Healing's regeneration boost.

• Increased Motivation's damage resistance boost.

• Increased Swiftness's damage resistance boost.

Harec’s Cards

• Increased Renewal's reduced wounded time boost.

• Decreased Methodical's reload speed boost.

Shae’s Cards

• Decreased Expertise's cooldown boost.

• Decreased Eclipse's radius.

• Decreased Amaurosis's radius reduction.

• Increased Treachery's damage boost.

Dr. Kuzmann’s Cards

• Decreased Derived Ionization's range boost.

• Decreased Differential's damage boost.

• Increased Repulsion's damage reduction.

• Increased Anticipated Potential's damage boost.

Konstantin’s Cards

• Decreased Optimization's cooldown reduction.

• Decreased Lubricant's speed boost.

• Decreased Cooling's heat reduction.

• Increased Back Door's damage boost.

• Increased Applicability's duration boost.

Ginebra’s Cards

• Increased Reactive Armor's damage resistance boost.

• Increased Deflective Patina's damage resistance boost.

• Increased Aerodynamic Profile's speed boost.

• Increased Power Injector's speed boost.

• Decreased Alloy Cordage's tension boost.

• Decreased Convex Frame's tension boost.

• Decreased Eccentric Pulleys's tension buildup speed boost.

Hans’ Cards

• Decreased Hydrazine Distiller's cooldown boost.

Lycus’ Cards

• Decreased Kinetic Turbine's recharge speed boost.

• Decreased Superconducting Jacket's damage boost.

• Decreased Graphene Condenser's shield capacity boost.

Mikah’s Cards

• Decreased Automatic Focus' cooldown reduction.

• Decreased Fade to Black's duration.

• Increased Interlinked Sweep's regeneration boost.

• Increased Flash's damage resistance boost.

Alicia’s Cards

• Redefined Lift to only affect sustentation and not speed.

• Changed Extended Clip to be a rare Card.