Patch Notes 14.0

The Spacelords Identity update is finally spreading to all the platforms and regions! The changes on this update are very extensive. These patch notes will only cover them superficially. Make sure to log-in and check them out.



 With the new Adventure score system, players will now gain rewards at the end of each month. With this we want to heavily increase access to gold and weapons for everyone.

 - Rewards are based on the total sum of the best scores you get on each mission as a Raider and as an Antagonist throughout the whole month.

  - Up to 310,000 Gold, 9 Common Blueprints, 6 Rare blueprints, 12 XP Boosts and 5600 Status

 - Regular income at the end of each mission has not been modified.


 Veterans will now distinguish themselves from other players with the new Status system:

 - Players with levels from 120 to 200 will gain Status periodically.

 - XP gained after level 200 will not increase the level but will yield much bigger Status gains.

 - Very high scores in the new Adventure give out Status as well.

 - Players whose level was beyond 200 after the patch will be instantly awarded Status currency when they first log in.

  - They will receive 5 Status per level beyond 201.

 - New Status icons show along the player's name in the HUD while in-game.

  - There's a new Status level at 120/140/160/180/200.

 Status is a currency that can be used in the in-game shop to purchase exclusive fungible cosmetics.


 The in-game store has been completely remade!

 - New cosmetic items types:

  - Weapon skins

  - Melee weapons

  - Emotes

 - New "pack" system offers discounts for buying in bulk:

  - All packs have a 10% discount by default

   - Some packs will temporarily increase its discount to 20% or 40%.

   - These temporal discounts will rotate every 24h (20%) and 7 days (40%)

  - Some packs are only available during short time-spans and will feature a 30% discount

   - We will announce in our social networks when one of these packs appears!

  - If you already own some items contained in a pack, these will be discounted for you.


 Spacelords is a team-based game but we want to properly reward players who stand out from the rest of the team.

 - Each Raiders will have an extra score based on their individual performance.

 - The player with the best performance will be highlighted at the end of the match.

  - This player's Weapon and Card setup will be visible to everyone on the rewards screen. Emotes will show up to the rest of the team in the rewards screen.

  - Raiders can now get more than 10 score points.


 Enemies now drop their ammo and Aleph on the ground when they die by melee attacks. These items can be collected by any player or AI on the map.


 We've reworked the Antagonist respawn system, so they can better plan their evil strategies.

  - Antagonists now will have free movement while in the respawn camera mode.

  - Respawn points are now big respawn zones. Antagonists can respawn in any place inside these zones.


 A new panel in the Main Menu which works as a quick access to the most relevant information: news, shop discounts and your current Adventure progress. You won't miss anything!


 We've improved the in-game mission information for the players.

  - The mission-objective text box has been replaced with a whole new panel with better and clearer information.

  - Raider and Antagonist MMR will be shown there along with the AI's current difficulty level. We hope this will help our players to better understand the relationship between mission difficulty and MMR.


 All of our social networks are now just one click away. Don't miss any of Spacelords' news and get some XP boost as a gift when you visit them for the first time.


 There's a new DLC in the different platform's stores available.

  - 2500 Mercury Points.

  - 8 XP Boosts (x1.5).

  - 25,000 Gold.

  - 4 Blueprints: Vinc "Eager" 23-1 for Alicia, Pepper Pot for Lycus, Ferox Impetus for Harec & O. Tolchok E10 for Konstantin.


 The ability to use gold to trigger Cortez to immediately show up with Aleph during survival phases has been removed.


 Surrender is a valid option to leave a match the team doesn't want to continue playing on, but it may not be as clear and accessible as it should for the newcomers. We have improved the system to be more understandable for the players when voting a surrender option.


 - The game now uses less system and video memory on all platforms.

 - New 3D rendering option on settings (only on PC).


 - Added a bunch of new and cool images to the load screens.


 - Emotes and dances animations can now be cancelled by performing any action.



  - Decreased gunship's health points in low MMR matches (-25%)


  - Decreased the extractor's health points in low MMR matches when not playing against an antagonist (-25%)

  - Decreased the amount of Aleph charges needed to overload the extractors in low MMR matches (-25%)


  - Decreased the speed at which the charge bar of the barge diminishes in low MMR matches when playing against an antagonist (-14%)


  - Decreased all of the barriers' health points in low MMR matches (-30%)


  - Decreased engineer spawn rate in low MMR matches when playing against an antagonist (-22%)



  - O.Tsiklon UV9 now stops shooting when charging the missile.


  - Granny increases its damage as well as its firing rate when reloading with enough charge for the duration of the next clip.


  - Decreased Rak's Pishachas damage (-10%)

  - Decreased Rak's Pishachas healing (-10%)

  - Greatly decreased Nilben Launcher's damage (-20%)


  - Ignis Fugit now only gets critical bullets with headshots.


  - Increased Shit happens' damage (+10%)

  - Decreased Pepper Pot's small-spread damage (-10%)

  - Increased Peppers Pot's small-spread damage in long-distance shots (16+ meters).

  - Increased Pepper Pot's big-spread damage (+5%)

  - Decreased Pepper Pot's medium-spread damage (-10%)


  - Whip has been reworked: The quantum projectile won't react to Valeria's shots if she's not nearby.

  - Slightly increased Whip's quantum projectile spark damage (+5%)

  - Greatly decreased Whip's quantum projectile speed (-30%)

  - Earthing has been reworked: The quantum projectile launches three explosions in a row after being shot.

  - Greatly decreased Earthing's quantum projectile damage (-20%).

  - Slightly decreased Shakura's quantum projectiles damage (-5%)


  - Tarasque F-750 has been reworked: Its falling projectiles now fall in a 90º angle (the boomerang effect has been removed).

  - Added a new firing profile for Tarasque F-750: The player can now choose between short and long-distance behaviour for its falling projectiles.

  - Increased Ansgar "Warm" MM1's damage (+5%)

  - Increased Heaven's Bane K8's last projectile damage (+10%)

  - Decreased Heaven's Bane K8's three first projectiles damage (-10%)

  - Decreased Heaven's Bane K8's three first projectiles explosion radius (-10%)

  - Increased Heaven's Bane K8's reload time (+10%)


  - Decreased all of Schneider's drone's health points (-30%)


  - Increased JK-5's damage (+5%)

  - Increased JK-5's clip by 5 bullets.

  - Increased KLT-13, JK-5 and Bloody Mary's located damage exponents (+0.1). This translates into a higher damage difference between a headshot and a foot shot.


  - Now Aneska's weapons do more damage when she is near her Mech.

  - All of the Mech's grenade's areas now stay active until another one is launched.

  - Reworked Invicta's grenade states: There are only two states for this grenade now.

  - Greatly decreased Invicta's grenade damage (-20%)

  - Greatly decreased Ionizer's grenade damage (-20%)


 - XP Boost can't be used before level 4.

 - All character cards can be drawn at level 11.

 - Decreased the level requirement to shuffle character cards from 26 to 19.

 - Changed the level requirement to unlock a new set of character cards from 26/33/50/72/105/158/200 to 19/30/50/73/103/143/193.

 - All faction cards can be drawn at level 3.

 - Changed the level requirement to unlock a new set of faction cards from 10/28/38/63/92/143/180 to 15/26/37/63/93/133/183

 - Increased the level requirement to recruit Hans from 3 to 4.

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Shae from 16 to 12

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit HIVE from 23 to 17

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Mikah from 30 to 22

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Ginebra from 36 to 26

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Doldren from 41 to 30

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Rak from 48 to 39

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Ayana from 52 to 44

 - Increased the level requirement to recruit Loath from 44 to 48

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Iune from 55 to 52

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Valeria from 57 to 55

 - Decreased the level requirement to recruit Schneider from 59 to 58

 - Decreased forge level requirements from 87/98/108/118/129/140/151/163/175/187/199 to 86/96/106/116/126/136/146/156/166/176/186


- New Tribal Hunter skin for Rak

- New Lady Hasselti skin for Ayana

- New Space Tourist skin for Valeria

- New The Scourge of Phobos skin for Aneska

- Decreased H.I.V.E.'s price from 52000 to 50000 Gold

- Decreased Doldren's price from 180000 to 144000 Gold

- Decreased Ginebra's Slave Unit skin price from 4500 to 3500 Mercury Points

- Decreased Loaht's Grendel skin price from 3000 to 2500 Mercury Points

- All loadouts price is now 125 Mercury Points.


 - Fixed an exploit in Short-Fused where the tank on the hill could be destroyed by a canister placed in the lower zone.

 - Fixed a bug where the damage sound was being played when a player was healed.

 - Fixed a bug where the communication menu could not appear after a host renegotiation.

 - Fixed a bug where Cortez brothers continue dancing even if an enemy was attacking them.

 - Fixed a bug where the grunts could not show their Aleph trace through walls.

 - Fixed several issues with Kuzmann's AI when Shae is being electrocuted.

 - Fixed a bug where Shae's voice was playing while playing with Ayana.


 - On PS4, some skins can be bought as part of a pack but not individually, this will be fixed in the next patch: Harec's Red Death, Alicia's Reborn, Lycus' Prussian Mercenary and Konstantin's Rusty Pilgrim.

 - Releasing Sa-Dhu's pressure while using the card Strain in melee can prevent the weapon from firing again until Shae dies.