Patch Notes 16.0

Now that Prizes Galore's arrival is near, it's time to announce all the changes and fixes coming within this update!



Currently, the matchmaking system is highly influenced by the rewards system. The missions you queue for are mostly guided by which rewards drop there. While it can be interesting to choose which reward to fight for is next, it's currently interfering with matchmaking queues way too much.

 This new update separates rewards from matchmaking queues, effectively allowing you to queue for any mission (or mode) you wish for. This will give the matchmaking system more flexibility and the players more freedom to queue for whatever mission they feel like playing.

With this new system players are still given a score after each mission and gain rewards proportionally to their score. The rewards you gain are different for the first, second and third (and so on) mission of each day, with some of the rewards (such as XP) heavily weighted towards the first few games. 

 The total XP you can earn on a single day is now limited. XP requirements for all levels have been changed around this, and should definitely not feel like leveling up is slower now. It actually should lean players towards a more steady advance in levels over time, however slower after a big game binge weekend. Gold and Faction Points are not limited in such way.

 The biggest change, however, is that the rewards you don't gain are not actually lost. They are stored in the Accumulated Pot instead. The next day you play you'll have a second chance to get them!


 - Increased the level requirement to recruit Ayana, Schneider, Iune or Loaht from 33 to 34.

 - Decreased the level requirement to lock and shuffle faction cards from 15 to 11.

  - Decreased the level requirement to unlock faction cards' groups from 15/26/37/63/56/93/133/183 to 11/24/37/56/73/104/126

  - Decreased the level requirement to draw character cards from 11 to 8.

  - Decreased the level requirement to lock and shuffle character cards from 19 to 16.

  - Decreased the level requirement to unlock character cards' groups from 19/30/50/73/103/143/193 to 16/28/46/64/89/112/135

 - Decreased forge levels from 20 to 10.

 - Forge points have been redistributed, but not reduced.

 - Forge level distribution is now 2/13/26/41/58/77/98/121/146


 Aleph is the all-ecompassing energy in the Broken Planet. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. It is a pivotal force in almost all missions in the game. However, its physical manifestation was not tangible enough.

 Players can now drop the Aleph they carry. The Aleph Gems will stay around and be pickable just like the Aleph Gems dropped by enemies.

 But wait, there's more; Aleph Gems can now be triggered to explode! Shooting at an Aleph Gem will ignite it, it's still pickable but it'll explode after a few seconds. Aleph Gem explosions' damage is tagged with the team of whomever ignited it in the first place, so it won't deal friendly fire.

 This is just the second phase of a three-phase initiative towards giving Aleph a more obvious presence in the game.


 - Faction points have been unified into the new Talent Points.

 This is just a matter of giving player flexibility and simplifying the UI. All Faction points will be added up and transformed into Talent Points, you should expect no loss from this.


 - Added a brief description of weapons assigned to loadouts in the character selection screen, so it's easier to tell which weapon will be used in a match.


 - Projectiles which stick to the wall now use the same collision as players. This will prevent them from seeping into assets or walls.


 Bubble Gum was one of these Rare weapons that sometimes wasn't just cutting it. This remake is geared towards giving player more choice and deeper mechanics, as Rare Weapons should do.

 - Bubble Gum's projectiles can now be explode manually by the players.

 - Bubble Gum's projectiles explode after 5 seconds.

 - Greatly increased Bubble Gum's damage (20%).

 - Greatly decreased Bubble Gum's projectile speed (-30%).


 Rak is currently one of the stronger characters. We've tweaked some of his stronger weapons.

 - Increased DPY-2M's basic mode damage (+10%).

 - Decreased DPY-2M's secondary mode damage (-10%).

 - Greatly decreased DPY-2M's secondary mode range.5

 - Greatly increased The Hatchet's damage (+20%).

 - Greatly increased The Hatchet's range (+30%).

 - Decreased Shepperd's damage (-10%).

 - Shepperd's projectiles now decrease its damage after every bounce.


 Schneider's damage was benefiting from a bug in the code, which is incidentally a very Schneider thing to do.

 - Killerball's projectiles now only do explosion damage (they were dealing damage on both hit and explosion).

 - Now players can only receive damage from Killerball's projectiles every 0.5 seconds.


 This behaviour was inconsistent with other piercing projectiles.

 - Smoking Daisy's projectiles now pierce shields.


We know this is not the change you're looking for, but bear with us. We're reworking the push mechanic to become healthier overall. This will benefit the counterplay for all push-based weapons. Being O.Tolchok the biggest offender, we're pushing the weapon back until the proper implementation arrives. 

 - Greatly decreased O.Tolchok E10's damage (-20%)


 JK-5 has never been quite where it should be power-wise, for now we're improving its usability while keeping an eye on the power level. Patient Boy is one of those Rares that need to be driven towards more player choice -which is coming in the next patch- but we've pushed some quality of life adjustments into this patch as there was no real reason to hold them up.

 - Greatly decreased JK-5's starting spread.

 - Increased JK-5's clip from 20 to 30 bullets.

 - Greatly decreased JK-5's reload speed (-17%)

 - Removed Patient Boy's camera shake.

 - Slighly decreased Patient Boy's fire rate.

 - Greatly increased Patient Boy's mine detection radius (+20%)


 Pretty much a bug fix.

 - Restored Short Nine's rarity to gold.


 - Fixed a bug where Loaht's beast form was not cancelling properly and he remained transformed forever.

 - Fixed a bug where projectiles' speed was not increasing past a certain value. This was affecting all the cards whose effect overcame that value.

 - Fixed a bug where enemies were dropping less ammo than they should.