Raiders Report: The Devil and the Details

Those who say the Devil is in the details would undoubtedly think Raiders of the Broken Planet is a diabolical game!

Raiders of the Broken Planet has a strong and disruptive visual style. Its characters, while appealing and stylish, do not run along the established beauty cannons found in other videogames. But there is much more to Raiders’ graphics than would catch the eye at first glance -a multitude of tiny details that add to the pictorial richness of the game and add an extra layer of authenticity to the whole experience.

These little gems can be found everywhere in the game, from huge flying whales soaring the skies to facial blemishes on an Umbra Wardog sniper, or Alicia’s neglected manicure -that may vary depending on the skin you have selected for her!

“Some may think this insane attention to detail is overkill,” said Enric Álvarez, Raiders of the Broken Planet Director, “but those little things are what really brings characters and scenarios to life.”

Being able to see the manufacturing marks engraved on Lycus’ discarded shotgun shells is something that might not add any playable advantage, but definitely increases the visual attractiveness of the game,” adds Jorge Benedito, Art Director at MercurySteam. “Besides, our Mercury Engine -the proprietary engine Raiders of the Broken Planet is built upon- can handle that kind of detail without putting stress on the game’s performance.”

“Adding visual clues to the characters, like scars, dirt or makeup, helps us define their personalities better, and can also tell stories of past conflicts, loves and allegiances. Raider’s narrative is enhanced thanks to that little extra effort,” concludes Enric.

It may not be easy to spot all those little jewels when you are engaged in a firefight during a mission, but it’s sometimes worth taking the time to look around and find something interesting that catches your eye. If you capture such a moment during your games, why not share it with us and the rest of the community on Twitter, Facebook and the Raiders of the Broken Planet official forum?

See you on the Broken Planet, Raiders.

The MercurySteam Team