Rare Skins Discounted


Spacelords Loaht

Due to the success of the recent discounts on some of the most popular Raiders of the Broken Planet skins, MercurySteam has decided to permanently reduce the price on three rare skins by 50%: “Sabertooth” Heavy Armour, and Slave Unit, both for Ginebra, and Loaht’s Grendel. Additionally, those players who purchased those skins on or after February 12, will have 50% of their invested Mercury Points reimbursed!

Ginebra: Slave Unit

Dr. Pavel Kuzmann designed the vile Slave Unit Program. Using reanimated cadavers, Dr. Kuzmann cloned the minds of the best Fifth Council Hunter Units. These Slave Units could be controlled remotely by their originals, called Alpha Units, thus expanding their area of operations and reducing risks. Given Ginebra’s exceptional performance, the Fifth Council granted her control over several of such units.

Ginebra: “Sabertooth” Heavy Armour 

When tasked with the elimination of high-risk targets by the Fifth Council, Ginebra donned the heavy Sabretooth battle chassis, including extra armour plating and a more aggressive outline, designed to intimidate her prey. 

Loaht: Grendel  

As Loaht grew more familiar with his power and gained more control over it, the beast’s skin started to grow scales and adopt a darker hue. Being tired of shredding his clothes whenever he transformed, Loaht contacted the Humblebee clan, famous for their ultra-elastic battle suits. The Raider chose a prototype painted a garish yellow hue. After all, what’s the point of wearing camouflage when you are a 4-metre-tall rampaging monster?