Space Shop August discounts

This is your chance to get that pack you like with a 40% discount!

Spacelords Schneider

Hi Spacelords!

We'll be releasing new packs that will be discounted for a limited period of time, so keep an eye on our social media channels and the Space Shop to discover when they are available! 

The Kaiser Lycus Pack was available from August 2 to August 4 and it included the following items:

- Prussian Mercenary skin

- Ancient Sword melee weapon

- Plant the Flag emote

- 2 loadouts

The DJ Schneider pack will be live at the Space Shop very soon including:

- Fishtank Murder Groupie skin

- Circuit weapon skin

- McArena emote

- Saturnday Night emote

- Zoomba emote

- Robodance emote

- Spacewalk emote

The Shae Custodia Prime pack will give you access to:

- Nun Custodia skin

- Ancient Sword melee weapon

- 2 loadouts

The Reanimator Pack for Kuzmann will unlock these items:

- Surgeon skin

- Breakpoint weapon skin

If you missed the offer for the Scourge of Phobos Pack for Aneska, you'll have a second chance to get it. It will include:

- The Scourge of Phobos skin

- Blizzard weapon skin

- Plant the Flag emote

Please remember these packs will rotate each month and will be available for a limited period of time, so don't lose sight of our social media channels to discover all the offers and don't forget if you already purchased an item included in a pack, its price will be discounted from the total.

See you on the Broken Planet!