Spacelords' Community 28

Read this new chapter including a very special interview!

Hi, Spacelords!

Welcome to a new Spacelords’ Community instalment! As you know, every week we make a selection of the best community generated content from our players, but this episode is going to be a little bit different. Let us introduce Crispin, aka TommyRawhead, the first player to reach level 999 in Spacelords! He has kindly agreed to run an interview with us, where he tells everything about how he has become the highest ranking Spacelord in the world, as well as sharing some tips for newcomers. Don’t miss a thing!

1. When did you start playing Spacelords?

I started playing Spacelords, back then when it was called Raiders of the Broken Planet, in November of 2017, shortly after the game was released.

2. What did attract you from the game in the first place?

The visual direction of the game is what first caught my interest. Each of the characters silhouettes were so wild and read very well from one another, but they all felt like they existed in same universe. Soon after it was the incredible set-pieces from missions like 'Double Agent', to witnessing Uras-Beherit for the first time and its unique arena in 'The Enemy Within'. After that I was hooked.

3. Who is your favourite Spacelord, and what’s you configuration for your main character?

Konstantin has always been my favorite. The utility and pressure he brings to the Raider party is always so impressive. I usually try to use a setup that allows for self healing during combat while simultaneously restoring my repulsion field or even using it to heal/revive teammates.

4. Do you prefer to play as Raider or as Antagonist?

I prefer to play as a Raider. It is always a joy to help out friends or people I've never met and to see how the group adapts to new challenges the MMR system might present from one mission to the next.

5. Any advice for new players to level up faster?

I would advise new players to definitely take advantage of the vast library of Raider overview and mission tutorial videos that this awesome community has created. These will help you get started with selecting a Raider that would be a good fit for the mission you are thinking about going into. With this information, take a look at what the needs of your team are during the Raider selection. To quote Uras-Beherit "...who you bring along makes all the difference." Sometimes the team may benefit more from one or two support/grunt controllers instead of four boss killers if your roster is lacking. Often the act of simply highlighting a Raider before committing to a decision will help the team decide who might complement the choice you are considering. Having a balanced Raider composition will help better the odds of completing the mission, thus leveling you and your team up faster.

From MercurySteam we want to congratulate Crispin for achieving such an amazing goal and thank him for his continuous support!

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See you in the Broken Planet!