Spacelords' Community 36

Enjoy a new episode including the best artwork made by the community!

Greetings Raiders and Antagonists! 

Welcome to a new episode of Spacelords’ Community brimming with mind-blowing sketches and illustrations created by our talented community of players. Discover their creations and get inspired!

1. Theredravioli

Theredravioli has a very unique style and proof of that is this beautiful painting. We are in love with this watercolour Lycus!

2. Izvit

Do you remember the sketch based on Mikah we shared a few weeks ago? Well, Izvit is back with a new fanart inspired on the infamous Doctor Kuzmann. It’s electrifying! *evil laugh*

3. Hanginder

Hanginder also surprised us where he shared a series of fanarts on Discord. These two are based on the cougar, Ginebra. She looks radiant!

We hope you enjoyed this new chapter of Spacelords’ Community. If you want to participate, don’t forget to share you artwork with the hashtag #Spacelords on our social media channels:





See you in the Broken Planet!