Spacelords' Community 46

Check a new episode full of amazing artwork!

Spacelords H.I.V.E.

Greetings Spacelords!

As every Monday, we are back with a fresh installment of one of the most popular sections, Spacelords’ Community! If you are new to Spacelords and enjoy creating fanarts and videos, this is a space created to spread your amazing talent. Proof of that are these beautiful creations:

Last week Skel shared a hilarious fanart inspired on Lycus, who apparently files his teeth with an angle grinder. That explains the sharp teeth! ;)


You don't want to be near Shae when she activates her Bewitch ability. This portrait by The Ice Virus perfectly captures the sniper’s essence!

We recently discovered Peachy NicoTeen’s artwork on Twitter and we have no words. We absolutely love how beautiful H.I.V.E. looks!

We hope you enjoyed this new chapter of Spacelords’ Community. If you want to participate, don’t forget to share you artwork with the hashtag #Spacelords on our social media channels:





See you in the Broken Planet!