Spacelords Lore 11: Uras Beherit

He's a demon from the Deep, created back on the birth of the universe itself!🎇

Me'er-Yaak entered the ruins of the forgotten city of Uras-Is'Ku. Despite having happened long ago, he could still smell the blood, gunpowder and fuel that the cruel attack of the Hades Division had left in the air. With Harec missing and all the others dead, Me'er was still in shock, unable to see anything but the body of his only son, riddled with bullets, in his arms. All that Me'er wanted out of life now was to hear the voice of his child again. On the Broken Planet, in the ancient city of Uras-Is'Ku, that was possible...  Me'er remained completely silent for months in the cathedral of Uras-Is'Ku. That was the only way he would hear the voices of those who had passed, as told in the Nihtü-niyo Scriptures. Some people heard those voices in their dreams just once or twice a lifetime. But Nihtü training granted the ability to feel the Aleph while awake and perceive all of its dimensions, especially time, where the souls and voices of beings that have existed travel. Me'er wanted only to hear the voice of his lost son, to feel his presence again. He never thought the Aleph could bring him other voices. Following years of solitude and ascetic discipline, Me'er was able to hear hundreds of voices in the Aleph flow. "Ah, the whispers! They're shouting at me!", a young woman exclaimed somewhere in space and time. "My lord, it's time...", uttered a deep voice from another time... Trying to find the only voice that mattered to him, Me'er turned his thoughts to the place where his son died under the fire of the Hades Division. The voices immediately turned to screams and the screams hurt like spears, tearing at the tortured mind of Me'er until he fell unconscious. Then a single voice spoke to him: "I know what you seek. I know how to get it. Come and my apprentice will show you"...

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