Spacelords Update 11.0 Patch Notes

Our programming team has been hard at work since the release of Spacelords to bring you this performance optimization patch.

The Council Apocalypse campaign came with lots of new bosses and spectacular attacks that were dragging down some systems' framerates. Many of these optimizations happen quite deep in the engine code so it has taken the QA team longer than usual to test.


- Parallelized collision detection code.
- Overall memory usage reduction.
- Code optimizations for some FX transformations (scaling and material swaps).
- Parallelized sphere hit detection code.
- Reduced the amount of hit colliders in some common objects (shields, parrots and airships).
- Created lighter versions for the enemy prop ships flying in the background on some missions. 


- Implemented smart time limits for decision makers.
- Parallelized task assignment code.
- Removed some redundant events in enemy animations.
- Implemented variable caching for the enemy horde manager. 


Along with the many tech changes, some new "under the hood" gameplay systems have been implemented. We now have more power to tune mission difficulty server-side. In this first iteration, our focus is on low MMR matches. Low MMR matches sometimes have a very slow pace, with too few enemies around. We are increasing enemy spawn rates and lowering AI skill a little bit to bring the game a bit more action and, hopefully, not modify the difficulty curve too much in the process. Veteran players will notice these changes mostly on mentor matches. 

- Increased enemy spawn rate at low difficulty levels.
- AI behaves more permissively at low difficulty levels.
- Decreased enemy damage at low difficulty levels. 


As we mentioned in the patch notes for 10.3, the Council Apocalypse campaign released a bit too strong. The following changes tackle problems in mission duration mostly. 


The Fifth Council now sends Elite Snipers to join the troops protecting Dr. Kuzmann's expedition.


- Reduced the health of all Beholders by 15%.
- Reduced regenerating beholder's regeneration speed by 40%.
- Reduced Valeria's health by 20%.


- Reduced the time required to activate the trojan by 20%.
- Reduced Dr. Kuzmann's health by 15%.
- Increased the time Dr. Kuzmann stays stunned by 10%.
- Increased enemy spawn frequency by 10% when not playing against an antagonist.


- Reduced the Council's health by 10%.
- Reduced the amount of enemy kills the Council requires for examination by about 10%.



- Decreased Rain of Fire's damage by 10%.


- Decreased Shy's damage by 10%.


- Increased JK-5's damage by 10%.


- Increased Ferox Impetus' damage by 10%.


- Fixed a bug on The Beast's Lair where the game could crash due to a memory leak.
- Fixed a bug on The Enemy Within where the game could crash for the host the first time Uras-Beherit's weak points were exposed. 
- Fixed a bug where the game could crash where entering a match.
- Fixed a bug where the game could crash when healing Lycus with his shield activated.
- Fixed a bug where the menu could block after reconnecting to a game.
- Fixed a bug when receiving rewards where the menu could block.
- Fixed a bug on In Shock where some enemy ships were not reaching their destination and enemies were not been deployed. - Fixed a bug where aiming was not working property while in cover.
- Fixed a bug where Valeria's quantum projectile was not appearing correctly after a host renegotiation.
- Fixed several bugs caused by hot renegotiations.
- Fixed a bug where the AI was not selecting cover properly.
- Fixed several VFX bugs on Kuzmann's Surgeon skin.
- Fixed several FX bugs.
- Fixed several language issues.