"Tarasque" F-750

New Weapon for Hans

Hans is the kind of guy fond of sharing war stories. For him, there’s nothing like the old times, and some of his grumpy witticism might sound odd to the newer generations, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. 

“Back in the day, if you couldn’t solve a situation with Napalm, it was because you weren’t using enough Napalm”, he always says when remembering the Terraforming Wars on Mars, where Hans earned the nickname “Vulcano” thanks to using his Tarasque F-750 -a weapon able to fire Napalm munitions, ideal for covering an attack or a retreat with a wall of fire. 

Armed with the F-750, Hans single-handedly managed to stall the Humblebee clan’s offensive, becoming one of the heroes of the war.

Hans' new weapon, the "Tarasque" F-750, is now available in Spacelords.