Wardog Fury Development Update

Raiders of the Broken Planet’s second campaign, Wardog Fury, launches on November 30, including 4 new epic mission and characters who will be joining the Raiders ranks in the next weeks.

But exciting news as they are, those are not the only changes arriving to Raiders of the Broken Planet. The game’s economy and reward system will experience a complete overhaul, radically changing the way fans play Raiders of the Broken Planet. In this Inside Raiders video, Karen Hernández, Community Manager, and Joan Amat, Game Designer, comment on all the new features.  

Either if you have purchased the new Wardog Fury campaign or are a veteran of Alien Myths, you will notice the Invitations are now active on your game menu.

• You can send an Invitation to your friends, so they can join you for a match in a Raiders of the Broken Planet’s map that you own, but they don’t.

• This way, they can help you out beating Dr. Kuzmann in the “In Shock” mission, even if they don’t own the Alien Myths campaign, for example.

• Of course, you can receive invitations from them too!

But not content with letting you play Raiders of the Broken Planet’s premium missions with friends, we will also reward you for it!

• Every time you invite a new player to your games for the first time, you will receive Mercury Points for it.

• If you invite the same friend for a second game or beyond, you will receive Gold as your reward.

Raiders of the Broken Planet already includes a substantial part of the game that can be played for free: the Eternal Soldier Starter Campaign.

• This free campaign includes all the game features, including the possibility to earn Gold, Faction Points and Character Points and invest them in recruiting new characters, building weapon blueprints and unveiling the Broken Planet’s lore.

• Now, we are also adding the possibility of temporarily unlocking missions using Gold!

• Once you invest Gold on unlocking one mission, following the natural progress of the selected campaign, you can play that mission for 4 hours.

Based on the players feedback, we have learned that there is too much stress upon the in-game Gold currency, and most players often decide to go for that reward.

• We recently increased the Gold rewards given after each mission, but further action was required.

• Now, Character and Faction Cards will be locked with Character Points and Faction Points, respectively.

• This will increase interest on these currencies, and allow players to keep their Gold to unlock missions, new characters and building Weapon Blueprints.

In the same vein, Mercury Points can now be converted into Gold. What does this mean?

• Previously recruiting a new Raider for your team could only be achieved by either investing Gold or with Mercury Points.

• With this new update, players can adopt a mixed approach: they can accumulate a certain amount of Gold and compliment it with Mercury Points until they reach the desired sum.

Last, but not least, we are changing the Antagonist’s reward system. The feedback received from the community made clear that being the Antagonist was an “all or nothing experience” -you either won big time, or nothing at all. Even the best Antagonists out there can have a hard time beating a group of veteran Raiders, and they should be rewarded for making it hard for them!

• Now, those Antagonists who perform well during the games, but ultimately don’t win the round, will still be getting Stigmas for their efforts.

Wardog Fury, Raiders of the Broken Planet’s second premium campaign launches on November 30, including 4 new missions, one exclusive character and three new Raiders to join Harec’s team.