Road to SpaceGuilds #4

Weapon maintenance.

As it happened with some of the maps we built for Spacelords, a number of the first weapons we introduced earlier in the game felt a bit outdated compared with more modern options that have been added later on.

The upcoming SpaceGuilds update will see some of the most emblematic weapons overhauled. For some, that means an update of their stats, but in some cases the design team has devised new properties and even alternate fire modes!

Let’s have a look at the weapons that have received this special treatment:

• Harec’s Ignis Fugit: Each successful shot will add a bullet to an alternate magazine -to a maximum of five. Each bullet in that alternate magazine will score a critical hit.

• Doldren’s Bloody Mary: This gun is now easier to use, with a simplified version of its firing mechanism. The sound effects and animations have been updated to better reflect the quality of the ammunition used.

• Iune’s The Vortex: When fired with maximum Aleph pressure, it shots a focused, precision shot. Subsequent shots with reduced pressure fire explosive ammunition.

• Konstantin’s Hornet HH3: Alternate fire mode that concentrate the ricocheting bullets, but overheats the weapon faster.

• Konstantin’s O. Tsiklon UV9: Firing this weapon builds up a secondary segment of the overheat bar. After completing the segment, the weapon fires a missile.

• Lycus' Shit Happens: Alternate fire mode that shoots pure malevolence weaponized long-ranged fireballs.

• Mikah's Granny: Each successful shot fills a gauge. The more you fill that gauge with one magazine, the more precise the next one will become.

Revisiting old weapons in the Raiders’ arsenal has been a lot of fun for the development team. Please, let us know how you like these revamped weapons in the Spacelords Official Forum, Twitter and Facebook.

See you on the Broken Planet!